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Here are some links for different resources online. We don't do affiliate links on this site, we're just sharing these links because we purchase from these vendors or adore these other artists. This is not a comprehensive list AT ALL since there are tons of artists & suppliers out there, these are just some of our favorites. Enjoy!

Henna Caravan. (The name similarity is total coincidence. Or serendipity. Either way we aren't affiliated with these lovely people. We just like to order stuff from them.) Henna supplies, glitter, design books, and more!

 Artistic Adornment.  More henna supplies and henna design books here! 

The Henna Page. Resources galore!! Anything you might want to know about henna, it's probably on this page.

The Henna Crone. A fantastic California henna artist! If you get the chance to have her create a henna design for you, DO IT.

Kenzi Henna. New York based henna artist with some awesome Etsy books on Moroccan style henna.

Divya. Toronto based henna artist with iconic designs you've probably seen all over Pinterest and copied by other artists everywhere.

Heather. Boston area henna artist with great designs which are available in eBooks at Artistic Adornment.